Top 3 E-commerce Websites Where You Can Sell Jewelry Online – Pros and Cons

//Top 3 E-commerce Websites Where You Can Sell Jewelry Online – Pros and Cons

Top 3 E-commerce Websites Where You Can Sell Jewelry Online – Pros and Cons

If you are a creative person, then making jewelry can be the prettiest business that you can get yourself into. The online jewelry market is growing bigger and bigger every day to the point where there are now hundreds of places online where you can go and start selling immediately. To help you out, we have gathered three of them in this article and we will discuss with you some of their pros and cons so as to help you make the best decision about where you should sell jewelry online.


This site is Seattle-based and is a great place for you to go and list your jewelry. The pros are that there are no monthly store fees, which isn’t the case with a lot of sites, however one you do need to pay a fee when your items sell, but we can’t really say this is a con since it is the case with almost every website out there. Another great thing is that you can import the listings of your products form your eBay or Etsy shops. A big con that we have found with this site is that the fees get really complicated after you decide that you want your items to be found on Google shopping pages and this side is also considered a newcomer which means you won’t get as many buyers as with some of the other sites.


A lot of people think of eBay as the place where people go to sell their junk, not to sell their jewelry online. However there is a lot more to eBay than just junk and collectables. The site lets you list up to 50 items per month with absolutely no listing fee, and any extra items that you want to list after that will only cost you pennies. Probably one of the biggest pros of using eBay is the fact that they already have more than 160 million users that are active, which means that you will be able to access 160 million people all at once. The biggest con is that people go to eBay for bargains, so no matter how good the jewelry is, there is nothing that guarantees you will get the right price, or even the price that you are after.


If you are someone that creates jewelry, then Etsy is definitely the place for you. With over 30 million buyers all over the world, you will almost certainly find a buyer for your pieces. Another thing that is a great pro is that Etsy is THE place for handmade goods, and people already know that. So, if someone comes and visits your Esty shop you can be sure that they are potential buyers because handmade pieces are probably what they are after. Although there are no monthly fees for you to keep your stuff on your page, there is a fee for each listing that you make. Now, this is a very small amount, but if the items never sell, you don’t get that money back and while that may be nothing if you only have a few items, if you have a large inventory, those numbers can add up quickly.

All of these places are very different both at what they offer and what they may end up costing you. Before you decide which of these places you will use to sell jewelry online, we recommend that you really look at them and evaluate the pros and cons, because starting out with a business like this will be pointless if it costs you more than it makes you.



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